Building Better Readers

Posted Aug 17, 2017

 Our “Build a Better World” summer is winding down. It has been a busy and fun-filled season. More than 900 tots, kids, and teens participated in one of the library reading programs. Almost half of our readers completed their reading folders, much higher than national averages. Program attendance topped 2700, including the more than 800 people who enjoyed our annual Summer Celebration. Dozens of Lego enthusiasts, from preschoolers to seniors, contributed to our Community Lego Build.  The Shorewood Monarch Project has released 21 butterflies so far with more to come. 

Looking at those numbers, the Library’s Summer Reading Program can be considered a great success. But we want to make sure it was a success for our young readers. The purpose of the Summer Library Program is to build literacy skills and create a life-long love of reading. That can’t be measured by a head count. We need your help to answer that. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey about your child’s experience with the summer program. Printed copies are also available in the library. If your teen participated in the Teen Reading Challenge, please ask them to complete this survey.

We appreciate your input. We care about more than number of items checked out and number of people who walk through the doors. We want to make sure our programs and services are meeting your needs and having a positive impact in the community. That is why the Shorewood Library is taking part in the American Library Association’s national Project Outcome initiative. Project Outcome provides a framework for libraries across the country to collect information on how they are making a difference in the lives of individuals and the well-being of the community. The information can also be used to identify community needs and plan for the future. So look for more surveys in the future. We will try not to overwhelm you but your input is very important to us.

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