Posted Aug 11, 2014

   We’ve all heard the phrase “catch your kids doing something right” – rather than something wrong. We know there are more kids doing things right, than wrong – kids whose activities help build our community. Unfortunately, their actions are often overshadowed by bad news.

    The library seems the perfect place to shine on spotlight on some the positive things area kids are doing.  After all, the library is the community center and kids are an important part of our community. Anyone who has enjoyed our school art exhibits has seen the amazing talent being nurtured in the schools. There are so many other examples of great things our kids are doing – Battle of the Books championships, Lake Bluff’s Water Study and Open House, the Drama Jr. Willy Wonka musical.

  School activities are only part of it. We know there are plenty of individual kids doing really cool things outside of school from helping elderly neighbors, raising money for special causes, taking care of the environment, overcoming obstacles and making their marks in their own special ways. Throughout the year, we want to feature some of those kids in “COOL KIDS” blog posts. So tell us if you know some “COOL KIDS” creating random (or not so random) acts of awesomeness. We’ll spread the good news.

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