Because it’s June…

Posted Jun 10, 2016

Because it’s June, we’re featuring some NEW fiction books relating to the sixth month of the year.


June by Miranda Beverly-Whittemore

Twenty-five year old photographer and installation artist, Cassie Danvers, returns to St. Jude, Ohio to mourn the loss of her grandmother, June.  Life is quiet in Two Oaks, the family mansion where Cassie grew up, until she learns that she is the sole heiress of Hollywood idol Jack Montgomery’s estate.  How can this be?  Jack’s daughter, Tate, and her assistants, also want to know and will stay at Two Oaks until the mystery is solved.  Told in alternating chapters from past and present, June is an intricately plotted novel with 60 years of secrets including murder, blackmail, betrayal, and broken hearts.   

Science Fiction

Time and Time Again by Ben Elton

It’s June 1st, 1914, and Hugh Stanton is the loneliest man on the planet.  That’s because everyone he has ever known hasn’t been born yet.  Hugh, an ex-soldier and adventurer, traveled backwards in time from 2024 to change one thing in history – the start of World War I.  In a time loop discovered by Isaac Newton, Hugh intends to save millions of lives, however he quickly learns that his choices have unintended consequences.  Part science fiction and part historical fiction, Time and Time Again is a well-researched, entertaining tale that will force you to ask yourself – if I could go back in time, what would I change?        


What Remains of Me by Alison Gaylin

On June 28th, 1980, awarding-winning film director John McFadden is shot dead, and Kelly Michelle Lund is on the hook for his murder.  While her motive seems fuzzy and speculation swirls, Kelly serves time with some sort of celebrity status.  While incarcerated, Kelly marries Shane Marshall, and shortly after her release, Shane’s father, movie legend Sterling Marshall, is found shot dead near his swimming pool.  Is Kelly behind her father-in-law’s murder as well or is she innocent of both killings?  Full of psychological suspense and unsympathetic characters, What Remains of Me is a summer thriller with plenty of plot twists to keep the pages turning.  

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