Posted Nov 17, 2015

We can all agree that magazines are awesome. Combining first-rate journalism with high-quality photography. From investigative reporting to Hollywood who's-who, from niche subjects to generalities. Sold? Great! Let us tell you how to get more magazine bang for your buck with digital versions of your faves.

Digital magazines are economical and environmentally sound. They are free with your library card, don't let you incur overdue fines, and are not made of paper. Digital magazines also have all kinds of enhanced features, that build on the multimedia capabilities of the digital platform: built-in videos and music, content that is easy to flip between, etc. Plus, there are two different collections of digital magazines that your library card gets you access to! Read on to learn more.


Create a Zinio account and you've got the world of magazines basically at your fingertips. MCFLS's collection includes over 100 magazine titles with unlimited copies available for everyone - and you get to keep what you check out forever. 

It's easy to get started: first, you need to make an account within the Milwaukee County Library System's Digital Magazine collection so that all the magazines you check out are stored in one place. Your username is your email address, and your password can be a familiar one to you. The account includes no sensitive data (financial, etc.), so it does not require a highly secured password. 

Once you have an account, you can browse and check out as many digital magazines as you want. One click on the Check Out icon (see the image to the left) is all it takes. You can begin reading your magazines right away in your Internet browser - even on a smartphone or tablet. If you have a smartphone or tablet and want to be able to use your magazines even when you aren't connected to data or the Internet (i.e. on an airplane), you can download the Zinio for Libraries app onto your device, sign in with your account, and read your magazines tin the app.

Zinio digital magazines are free with your Shorewood Library card (or a card from any Milwaukee County public library, for that matter). Click here to explore the Zinio information page on our website, and be directed to the MCFLS magazine collection in Zinio.

OverDrive Magazines

Wisconsin's Digital Library recently began offering digital magazines, too. These are shared on a state level, so are slightly more limited than those available through MCFLS. If you already use a Nook, OverDrive magazines are a great addition to your e-reading. If you don't, you need to download the Nook app onto your chosen device in order to be able to use the Digital Library's magazine collection. They are easy to use whether or not you've used library e-books before: you use your library account (library card number and PIN) to check them out, and can view what you have checked out in your regular library account. Click here to view the collection and get started using them! 

Want to get started but need help setting up your device? Stop in to the library anytime to talk to a librarian about how to get digital magazines! 

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