Emily St. John Mandel

Posted Apr 6, 2018

Emily St. John Mandel will be visiting us on Tuesday, April 10th for our culminating events of Shorewood Reads 2018!  Join us at our Writing Workshop at 10:00 AM, the Author Visit at 7:00 PM, or both! 


The Lola Quartet

After being fired as a journalist, Gavin Sasaki returns to his hometown of Sebastian, Florida only to find himself intertwined in a mystery stemming from the past.  During high school, Gavin was a member of the Lola Quartet, a popular jazz ensemble, and now he’s trying to reconnect with Sasha, Jack, Daniel, and Anna, Sasha’s sister who’s at the center of it all.  Shortly after their last performance, Anna left abruptly – was she pregnant or was it just a rumor?  Now, its 2009, the height of the economic collapse, and Gavin is working with his sister Eilo as a real estate broker in dealing with foreclosed homes while slowly putting the pieces together of his missing child.  Written in a noir-style. The Lola Quartet explores lost innocence through unfortunate events and flawed characters.


The Singer’s Gun

Anton Waker grew up living in world surrounded by crime.  Under the front of running an antique shop, Anton’s parents were really selling stolen goods while his cousin Aria was forging passports and Social Security cards for illegal immigrants.  Anton, however, decides to live his life on the straight and narrow.  He’s a middle manager and he and his fiancé are about to get married.  Everything is going as planned until Aria blackmails Anton into doing one more job for her.  Now, as the ghosts of his past follow him on his Italian honeymoon, Anton must decide if he wants to remain loyal to his family or if he really wants to break away from his old life.  Combining drama and mystery, Mandel’s The Singer’s Gun is a melancholic exploration on deception and betrayal.


Station Eleven

A Shakespearian actor dies on stage, and shortly thereafter the world begins to dissolve as a massive flu pandemic travels the globe.  Fifteen years later, a group of actors and musicians known as the Traveling Symphony tour the Great Lakes region performing at local settlements, but connections, unbeknownst to the characters start to emerge.  Station Eleven jumps backwards and forwards to capture the lives of Arthur Leander, the actor that died on stage; Miranda, Arthur’s wife who designed a stunning graphic novel; Jeevan, the man who tried to resuscitate Arthur; Kirstin, a performer with the Traveling Symphony; and Clark, Arthur’s best friend.  Throw in a cult leader and a twist of fate, and Station Eleven will show you why “Survival is insufficient.”                    

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