Happy View Year!

Posted Jan 22, 2016

Last year’s blockbusters are this year’s hottest new releases! 

The Martian

Astronaut Mark Watney is presumed dead after a fierce dust storm forces the Ares III crew to abort their mission on Mars.  However, Mark survives and is left with limited resources and no means of communication with Earth or his team.  Now he must use his ingenuity, perseverance, and wit to get himself home.  A stunning sci-fi drama complete with adventure and humor, The Martian has been nominated for seven Oscars and is worth the wait on the long holds list.  (And while you’re waiting why not pick up the book or audiobook?)      


After a bomb set by a notorious drug cartel kills two agents near the US and Mexican border, the FBI sends special agent Kate Macer to work on team to eradicate those responsible.  Working with special ops agent Matt Graver from the CIA and a secretive consultant named Alejandro, an idealistic Kate begins to realize that not everything is done by the book.  The emotionally-demanding toll of both drug violence and the ins and outs of Kate's job lead her to question her moral judgment in this brutal action-thriller.      

Sleeping With Other People

After losing their virginity to each other twelve years earlier, Jake and Lainey bump into each other at a sex addiction meeting of all places.  So, what happens when a chronic womanizer and a serial cheater reconnect?  They form a strictly platonic friendship! And, while Jake and Lainey are not officially a couple, they sure act like one.  With histories of romantic failure and sabotage, will Jake and Lainey move past the tension and on to the attraction?  This romantic comedy will warm your heart with both candor and laughter.   

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