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Posted Jan 27, 2017

Check out what’s on our NEW fiction shelves!

The Gentleman by Forrest Leo

When Victorian poet Lionel Savage realizes he’s broke, he quickly seeks inspiration (and financing) from his new wife and muse, Vivien Lancaster.  But when Vivien abandons her husband, the heartbroken and suicidal Lionel somehow manages to conjure up the devil, who is politely referred to as the “gentleman.”  After Lionel grasps the fact that he inadvertently sold his wife to Lucifer, he and his team set out to save her from Hell.  Adventuring through trap doors and booby traps, fighting in duels, and flying in airships, Forrest Leo’s The Gentleman celebrates the whimsical and humorous hazards of love.  

Hot Milk by Deborah Levy

Sofia Papastergiadis, a young anthropologist, is baffled by her mother Rose’s strange illness.  After exhausting all of the traditional treatment options for limb paralysis, Sofia and her mother travel to Spain to consult with Dr. Gomez.  While Rose undergoes Dr. Gomez’s peculiar treatment, her daughter Sofia strives to find an identity outside of her mother’s caretaker.  Deborah Levy’s Hot Milk challenges the mother-daughter bond with sexual rage, complex psychological power, and guilty curiosity.  Hot Milk was short-listed for the 2016 Man Booker Award.   

[Killfile] by Christopher Farnsworth

John Smith has a special power – he can access the minds of others.  At times accessing people’s thoughts, feelings, and memories could be a curse, but John thrived at the C.I.A. until he decided to go rogue.  Working as a private consultant, John takes on a new case for Everett Sloan, a billionaire software developer.  John is investigating Sloan’s former employee Eli Preston to see if Preston stole intellectual property, but John’s cover is blown.  He is now on the run with Sloan’s associate Kelsey, and he’ll have to use his powers to escape.  Fast-paced and suspenseful, Farnsworth’s thriller is a frenetic read.       

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