Non-Fic Picks: Happy New Year!

Posted Dec 29, 2016

As one year ends, so a new one begins. Explore your options for the future and start your year on the right foot with our January 2017 Non-Fic Picks.

If Our Bodies Could Talk: a Guide to Operating and Maintaining a Human Body by James Hamblin, M.D.

If you're resolving to get healthy in 2017, start with this accessible guide. Whether you're already a bit of a home health buff, or you are new to the subject, Hamblin's guide is a fun, thorough exploration of our bodies that will open your eyes.

Rest: Why You Get More Done When You Work Less by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang

Resolve to work less and rest more. Pang will convince even the most die-hard workaholics of the benefit of rest using rigorous science and inspiring figures from history. Kick start your resolution to kick back and relax!

Simple: the Easiest Cookbook in the World - No Recipe has More than 4 Steps or 6 Ingredients by Jean-Francois Mallet

Resolve to kick the take-out habit this year - it's budget- and waistline-friendly! Mallet's cookbook, the title of which really says it all, runs the gamut of easy at-home cooking and will have you reaching for your pots and pans.

Now For the Disappointing Part: a Pseudo-Adult's Decade of Short Term Jobs, Long-Term Relationships and Holding Out for Something Better by Steven Barker

If the thought of resolving to do anything but survive this year is stressing you out (whether you just graduated, you haven't landed your dream job, the rent is due, your friends all have cool jobs...or you're 20-something) we suggest you start simple: resolve to read this book. Barker's insightful, humorous memoir of work and love will leave you feeling like you're not alone - and that health, wealth and happiness promised in the new year are attainable someday!

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