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Non-Fic Picks: True Crime

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October brings a certain autumn chill to the air.  Why not let the temperature continue to drop and chill your bones with some true crime titles?  We pulled some of the most thrilling new non-fiction books featuring imposters, historical crimes, true detectives, and the science behind it all.  In a nutshell: they’re absolutely disturbing!

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Before They Were Famous

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Blockbuster authors seem to get that way over night, but as many recently popular news pieces suggest, it is practice that makes perfect, not just talent. So we can safely assume that most big-name must-read authors started somewhere. Here are a few older books from some of this summer's big names that we highly recommend you read while on the waiting list for the blockbuster title.

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What's New? Books on Books

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Books about books - reading, writing, loving, selling them - are perennially popular. Probably because readers like books (duh) and so we like to read about characters who also like, or write, or read, or sell books. 

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