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Events Calendar

  • Moth Madness: The Magical Misunderstood Moth

    Location: Shorewood Village Center

    Do you think moths are nocturnal, drab, and pesky? Think again!  Moths are stunningly adaptable and demonstrate a beauty that rivals their butterfly cousins.  Often overlooked, scientists are just now devoting efforts to study one of the most successful yet secretive animals on the planet. Learn how one naturalist’s perception of moths changed from ambivalence to admiration and how the Wehr Nature Center participated in a world-wide program to promote moth conservation.  Howard will also share a moth monitoring project in Milwaukee with shocking results.


    Howard Aprill is a naturalist at Wehr Nature Center with the Milwaukee County Parks. He conducts environmental education and interpretation programs for all ages from pre-kindergarten through college. He has also served as a naturalist with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, UW Extension, and at Denali National Park, Alaska. In his spare time, Howard has conducted fieldwork on the distribution of the state-threatened Butler's Garter Snake in Wisconsin. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Michigan State University in Environmental Issues.

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