Print from Your Phone!

Posted May 16, 2019

You've probably been there: your printer at home is out of ink or on the fritz - or maybe you have never seen a need to invest in a home printer but suddenly find you have to print something. 

We're happy to provide low-cost printing at the library, and have recently made it even easier with the addition of mobile printing allowing you to send documents, images and emails from your phone, tablet or laptop directly to our printer. You don't even need to have a library card to use mobile printing (although we encourage everyone to get one!)

There are three different ways to send print jobs from your personal device: email, web portal, and app.

For laptop users, the web portal option is simplest. Simply go to, upload your document or image file, enter a username of your choice (can be email, name, library card number, basically anything you wish - just be sure to remember it!), and click submit. You'll find your print job at the payment kiosk using whatever username you associated with it.

If you need to print  from a tablet or phone, either the email or app options are simple to use.

To email your print job, simply forward an email you wish to print or attach a file to an email to for black and white print out, or for a color print out. You'll find your print job at the payment kiosk using the first part of your email address - everything before the @ symbol!

The ePRINTit app is also awesome, allowing you to easily sync up your email provider, Dropbox, other device file storage, etc. to quickly locate and send files to print. Download the ePRINTit Public Locations app from your device's app store, follow the prompts to set it up, and you're ready to print. Using this app, you can send your print jobs to any number of public printing locations that use the ePRINTit service, including most of the other Milwaukee County public libraries and even places like FedEx, hotels, and more. You can use this app anywhere in the U.S. and quickly find somewhere to print whatever you need.

However your print job gets here, when you're ready to print it's as easy as scanning your card or entering your user name, paying with cash, credit or ApplePay, and going.

There's always a librarian available to walk you through the process - but we're confident anyone can be successful with this simple new system.

You can find complete instructions on the Mobile Printing page, and can get a printed version of the instructions at the library.

Come check it out!

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