Fizz, Boom, Experiment!

Posted Jul 10, 2014

We know that hands-on learning is the most effective way to learn.  Those words on the page mean so much more when we can connect them with real life experiences.  Think about the last time you tried to master a new computer program. The manual may help but we don’t really “get it” until we sit down and try it.  That need to experience and experiment with information is even more important for kids. It’s also what makes learning time fun time.

We are big believers in active learning at the library. Our end of the school year class visits featured water experiments, learning about the elements of flight with paper airplanes, and trying out some “old school” technology like rotary phones and manual typewriters. Every summer we give kids a chance to see metamorphosis in action by feeding a very hungry monarch caterpillar until it forms a chrysalis. Once it emerges as a butterfly, we release it and watch it take flight.

This summer we are adding a little more “fizz” to our Fizz Boom Read program by offering take home science activities. Kids can learn how to make homemade ice cream in plastic bags, create their own bouncy balls, and even make plastic models with cornstarch (no 3-D printer needed). Just stop in at the library and pick up the instructions. While you are there, check out some of the science activity books on display. Then start doing, learning, and having loads of fun.

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