Libraries Step Up!

Posted Feb 17, 2021

Your words can make a powerful difference in showing state legislators how the community supports the library.

Shorewood Public Library is joining with libraries across the state conducting a postcard campaign to state legislators to draw attention to all that public libraries did in 2020.

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve been delivering materials curbside and from the lobby, allowing limited browsing and computer sessions, offering both virtual and “make and take” programs, answering reference questions and making community connections via email, by phone and in-person. There is a misperception by some state legislators that libraries have been closed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are asking you to send postcards to your legislators to say how the library “stepped up” for your family over the last year. This will be a four-week campaign ending in mid-March, and we hope you’ll join us! The timing for the postcard campaign is coordinated with state biennial budget conversations taking place in the next months. Postcards can be picked up at any service desk or via curbside pickup.


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