Ah... Summer Love!

Posted Aug 28, 2015

It’s not too late to fall in love this summer!  Pick up one of our summer-themed romances and close out the season with a little love.

Summer Brides by Susan Wiggs, Sherryl Woods, and Susan Mallery

With Summer Brides, you get three great romances in one book!  For example, Susan Wiggs’ tale, “The Borrowed Bride,” features Isabel Wharton as she is whisked away from her bridal shower by her ex-boyfriend, Dan Black Horse.  Will they give it another go, or will Isabel go back to Anthony?  In Sherryl Woods’ story, “A Bridge to Dreams,” Karyn Chambers’ Hawaii vacation turns into a San Francisco staycation, complete with handsome tour guide, Brad.  Will their romantic expedition continue after their vacation ends?  And, in Susan Mallery’s “Sister of the Bride,” Katie McCormick’s worst fears are happening: her sister is marrying her ex, and Katie has a blind date.  What happens when Jackson is not the geek everyone made him out to be?  That’s right!  Three stories from three of the best romance writers.

Summer Light by Luanne Rice

Wedding planner May Taylor has a very special daughter, Kylie, a six year old who can see and hear things that others cannot.  Kylie’s visions and conversations with angels push May to meet her soul mate, Martin Carter, a Boston Bruins hockey player.  May is hesitant to move too quickly, but, through a long distance relationship, Martin travels long and far to make things work; the two eventually marry.  May has had a traumatic childhood, and Martin has demons of his own, too.  With impending blindness and resonating anger towards his father, Martin faces some dark times.  Will love keep them together?

Summer at Mustang Ridge by Jesse Hayworth

After a devastating divorce, Shelby and her adolescent daughter Lizzie head west to Mustang Ridge, Wyoming where Shelby will work as a cook in a family-run dude ranch for the summer.  Coming from Boston, Shelby hopes the beautiful scenery, fresh air, and animals will help both her and Lizzie escape their woes.  While Lizzie is preoccupied with the horses, Shelby loses herself in Foster, cowboy and head wrangler.  Ranch life is good; Shelby and Lizzie found the family and friends they so longed for.  The summer days are dwindling, and as autumn approaches complications amount.  How will Shelby decide what’s next?     

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