Author Spotlight: Peter Heller

Posted May 19, 2017

This week’s #FridayReads feature Peter Heller’s three novels:



Travel along to Yellowstone National Park with Celine, an aging private investigator, and her husband Pete as they take on a curious case.  Celine is well-known for her work in finding missing persons and reuniting birth families, but her new case involves a missing person that is presumed dead.  After twenty-three years, Gabriela wants answers to her father Lamont’s death.  Lamont, a National Geographic photographer, was killed by a grizzly bear, but his body was never found.  As Celine and Pete retrace Lamont’s steps, they are also being followed by a shadowy figure.  Heller’s latest mystery features a compelling female protagonist, descriptive sense of place, and socialite secrets all tied together in a nonlinear mystery.        


The Dog Stars

There’s only pockets of survivors left after a mass pandemic swept the world.  Hig, a pilot, Bangley, a gun nut, and Jasper, Hig’s dog, take refuge in an abandoned Colorado airport.  To forget the past, especially his wife Melissa who perished in the outbreak, Hig hunts, fishes, star gazes, and flies his 1956 Cessna in the “safety zone.” However, he’s haunted by a radio transmission he heard three years previous.  Now, packing up enough supplies for the journey, Hig sets out to find the voice he heard.  Embedded with quiet emotion and action, Heller gracefully writes with measured prose highlighting hope over heartbreak.


The Painter

Sometimes there’s a fine line between right and wrong, good and evil – meet Expressionist painter Jim Stegner.  Jim lives in the Colorado Valley where he enjoys fly fishing, poetry, and painting, but when he witnesses Dell Siminoe brutally beating a young horse, Jim’s violent side comes out.  Saving the horse, Jim later takes Dell’s life when he encounters Dell alone on the river one night.  Jim has already been fighting his own demons with alcoholism and his gambling addiction, but now he must dodge law enforcement and Dell’s family in this somber yet suspenseful story of loss, art, and, of course, nature.   

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