Celebrate Summer

Posted Jul 22, 2016

Beat the heat with some summer reads (and romance)!

Sea Glass Summer by Dorothy Cannell

After a painful divorce, thirty-four year old Sarah Draycott relocates to Sea Glass, a small village on Maine’s coastline.  Sarah is welcomed with open arms and is immediately intertwined with the lives of her neighbors.  There’s Nellie Armitage, a ninety year old woman who often consults her spiritual guides; Gwen, a widow who now must take care of her sick son; and Oliver, a nine-year old orphan boy who lives in the Cully Mansion with his aunt and uncle.  By helping those around her mend their wounds, Sarah starts to heal, and when she least expects it, that’s when romance comes knocking.  Part romance and part mini-mystery, Sea Glass Summer charming, contemporary romance.

Summer Blowout by Clair Cook

Stylist and makeup artist Bella Shaughnessy tries to just stick to lipstick and hair curlers after her two-timing husband Craig ran off with her half-sister Sophie.  It’s not easy because Bella and Sophie both work for the family business - their father’s small chain of salons in Marshbury, Massachusetts.  And not only is Sophie dating Craig, but she also gets the most prestigious and well-known clients while Bella’s clients are average at best...  Until she meets Sean Ryan at a career fair.  Despite stepping on each other’s toes non-stop, Bella and Sean develop a business plan that could set Bella up for long-term success.  Told in the truest sense of an Italian romantic comedy, Cook captures humor and wit in this delightful read.    

Summer Breeze by Nancy Thayer

Summer Breeze follows the lives of three women living near New England’s Dragonfly Lake – Morgan O’Keefe, Natalie Reynols, and Bella Barnaby.  Each woman has her own troubles, for example, Morgan watches her husband’s career soar while she quit her job to raise their young son; Natalie, a struggling painter, gives up city life to house sit her aunt’s lake house for a year; and Bella Barnaby returns from Austin, Texas to run the family business while her mother recovers from a broken leg.  Morgan’s, Natalie’s, and Bella’s lives are filled with both joy and adversity as they recalibrate their lives, building a strong bond of friendship between the trio.  Through self-discovery and a gentle push from a friend, Thayer explores the simple nuances of making dreams and desires come true.

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