Crime Fiction

Posted Sep 25, 2015

Autumn has brought a certain chill to the air, but this week’s #FridayReads featuring crime, suspense, mystery, and murder will add an extra chill your bones.

Before He Finds Her by Michael Kardos

At a neighborhood block party in Silver Bay, New Jersey, Ramsey Miller kills his wife and three year old daughter, Meg.  Or so he thinks.  For the past fifteen years, Meg has assumed the name Melanie Denison, and lives in seclusion in West Virginia town under the protection of the Witness Protection Program.  Her father was never caught, but now Meg/Melanie wants to rejoin the real world.  Returning to Silver Bay, Meg/Melanie exposes herself to finish a job the police were unable to do- tracking down her father.  Intense and intricately-plotted, Before He Finds Her offers plenty of twists and turns to keep the pages turning.

The Bones of You by Debbie Howells

No one thinks much when eighteen year old Rosie Anderson goes missing, but the small Sussex community is shocked when she is found dead.  Kate Mckay, a local gardener, had developed a bond with Rosie over horses.  After Rosie’s death, Kate consoles Rosie’s mother, but when the police believe a stranger committed the crime, Kate gets move involved with the case than she should.  Both Kate McKay and the deceased Rosie narrate The Bones of You in a suspenseful and haunting tragedy that reveals deep, dark family secrets.     

The Devil You Know by Elisabeth de Mariaffi

Evie Jones has always looked over her shoulder since her childhood friend, Lianne Gagnon, was murdered.  Now, eleven years later and living alone, she must be extra diligent.  Lianne’s case has remained unsolved, and the police’s prime suspect, David Cameron was never arrested.  Evie and another one of her childhood friends, David Patton, set out on their own to find Lianne’s killer, but as they get closer to finding the truth, danger amounts.  Unpredictable with twists of dark humor, The Devil You Know will keep you up long after the sun goes down.

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