Fall: Football & Fashion

Posted Sep 4, 2015

Fall is here, and that means two things: football and fashion.  This month’s non-fic picks feature the best of both.

How Football Explains America by Sal Paolantonio

ESPN football correspondent Sal Paolantonio closely examines football, the United States’ most complex and popular sport.  Paolantonio argues that the evolution of the sport is closely intertwined with the evolution of America’s history and culture, and supports his theory with plenty of examples.  For instance, the huddle could be representative of our democratic principles.  Football reflects many aspects of our culture like race, teamwork, immigration, commercialism, social change, and even corruption; by closely examining football as a game we are also examining the society we live in. 

The Language of Fashion Design: 26 Principles Every Fashion Designer Should Know by Laura Volpintesta

Like any art, you can’t master your skills until you speak the language.  Well, through twenty-six basic elements, The Language of Fashion Design features an alphabet of concepts that will inspire both students and fashion enthusiasts.  Color, shape, line, drape, and function are just a handful of the design principles Volpintesta covers, complete with a variety of illustrations, sketches, drawings, and photographs.  Plus, each concept features an international designer so you will get a better grasp of our current fashion world.


Is There Life After Football?: Surviving the NFL by James A. Holstein, Richard S. Jones, and George E. Koonce, Jr.

The average NFL career lasts an average of three and a half years, so what happens to players after that?  Through observation, research, stories, and interviews with hundreds of former NFL players, Holstein illustrates how the game affects even the best players long after they’ve hit the showers. Whether it’s social isolation, financial issues, physical injuries, or mental/emotional barriers like depression, many football players are unprepared for the “real world.”  For football and sports enthusiasts, Is There Life After Football? provides a deeper look into the complexity of professional sports.


Vintage Fashion Complete: Women’s Style in the Twentieth Century by Nicky Albrechtsen

Tradition meets innovation in this authoritative text showcasing twentieth century vintage fashion.  With over 1,000 photographs, Vintage Fashion Complete features classic looks, perennial themes, and signature pieces from the past 100 years.  Picture 1950s house dresses, breathtaking wedding dresses, and an assortment of accessories like hats, gloves, and handbags.  Organized in three parts- Decades, Elements, and Hallmarks- this title is perfect for fashion enthusiasts to geek over while also acting as buying guide for clothing shopping at thrift shops and consignment stores.

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