Fiction Follow-ups

Posted Jan 10, 2015

We read books in series for comfort; to return to characters and settings that we have come to trust and even love. You can discover the worlds anew each time you pick up the next book in the series. Or, if you're particularly lucky, you can stumble upon a fully developed series for the first time and binge-read the whole thing! This month, we're digging some follow-ups and sequels: from long-running series to new blockbusters to possibly-the-next-big-thing.

As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust: A Flavia de Luce Novel by Alan Bradley

The sixth book in the delicious mystery series featuring amateur sleuth and chemist Flavia de Luce. For the first time ever, Flavia is away from her beloved Buckshaw! After learning some family secrets in the last book (no spoilers here for those who haven't read it), Flavia travels all the way across the pond to a boarding school in Canada. But never fear, mystery follows Flavia wherever she goes: this time in the form of a corpse found in her dorm room chimney. 

The Rosie Effect: A Novel by Graeme Simpson

The much-anticipated sequel to last year's much-acclaimed Rosie Project! Don's has succeeded in making Rosie his wife and now the two must navigate married life together. When the two find out Rosie is pregnant, Don embarks on a new project to research fatherhood. Balancing that with his warmhearted but classically goofy attempts to reunite his best friend and his wife, servicing his genetics refrigeration unit, and avoiding a scheming social worker he's gotten on the wrong side of, doesn't leave Don much time to care for Rosie. He just might lose her - but don't worry, this romantic comedy, with laughs around every corner, has a happy ending.

Golden Son by Pierce Brown

Brown follows up last year's sci-fi dystopian thriller, Red Rising, with another epic entry in the story of Darrow. Darrow has now become fully embedded in the Gold, the ruling class against whom he has been leading a rebel uprising. Tasked with bringing society down from within, Darrow faces setbacks including complicated emotional entanglements with the people against whom he is pitted - leading him down a different path where he must ultimately determine who he is an what role he will play in changing his world. Twists, turns, and drama all wrapped up in fantasy-tinged science fiction.

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