Got Fines? We can Help.

Posted Aug 12, 2015

For five days only, we want to make your overdue fines disappear.


That's right. However you got your overdue fines - whether life got in the way or you just plain forgot to renew stuff - we'll wave a magic wand and they'll be gone. 


The catch? You have to come in to the Shorewood Library between Monday, August 31 and Friday, September 4. And there are a few rules: we can only waive fines you incurred on Shorewood Library-owned items (i.e. nothing you checked out from Whitefish Bay or MPL East or any other MCFLS library), and we can't waive replacement fines for lost/damaged books. 

Why are we erasing your overdue fines? We know they can add up quickly, and can stop you from using the library. That's no fun! Come back, get your library card clear of fines, and get checking stuff out.

While we have you, we'll also treat you to some interactive Learning @ Your Library all week long. Every day between 4pm and 7pm, drop in for a chance to learn more about how to do good, have fun, and get cool stuff at no cost to you - all at the library. 

Read the complete rules and schedule of Learn @ Your Library events on the Fine Forgiveness Week web page:

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