Holiday Book Talk Recap

Posted Dec 11, 2015

Last Saturday, Daniel Goldin proprietor of Boswell Books was here to discuss all his favorite books.  With close to one hundred titles listed, Daniel made sure there was something for everyone on their holiday lists (including you.)  This week, we’re featuring a couple titles for adults and something for the kids. 


The Fishermen by Chigozie Obioma

Set in Akure, Nigeria during the early 1990’s, The Fisherman tells the story of a family of fishermen through the eyes of nine year old Benjamin Agwu.  After their father leaves to work in another city, four of his sons skip school to take up fishing.  One day, they encounter Abulu, a madman that prophesizes the eldest Agwu, Ikenna, will kill one of his siblings.  Through Benjamin’s personal story, Obioma tells the larger picture of African culture in a remarkable manner that will bring Obioma to the forefront of African literature.


Thing Explainer: Complicated Stuff in Simple Words by Randall Munroe

Let’s face it: life is complicated with many moving pieces and parts, but Randall Munroe simplifies some of our most complex objects for mental digestion.  With drawings, diagrams, and the 1,000 of the most commonly used words, Munroe explores small things like animal cells, car, microwaves, and car engines to big things like nuclear bombs, tectonic plates, and the solar system.  Intriguing and informative while promoting overall fun, Thing Explainer is the perfect book for anyone that has wondered about anything.


Circus Mirandus by Cassie Beasley

Micah Tuttle lost his parents when he was a toddler, and now he is on the verge of losing the closest person to him, his grandpa Ephraim.  Grandpa Ephraim always told Micah tales if the Circus Mirandus, the most fantastic, magical circus in the world, but Micah thought they were only make-believe.  Now Grandpa Ephraim lets Micah in on a secret: the Circus Mirandus is real, and the great magician Lightbender owes Grandpa a miracle.  Micah and his friend Jenny Mendoza set out to find Lightbender before it’s too late in this coming-of-age tale perfect for fourth through sixth graders.      

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