Hot Summer Reads

Posted Jun 9, 2017

Warm up to summer reading with these hot titles:

The Long, Hot Summer by Kathleen MacMahon

Meet the MacEntees family – the matriarch, Deirdre, a former stage star; Manus, Deirdre’s estranged husband; Alma, a columnist and television journalist; Ascushla, the good, political wife; and Macdara, the gentle soul of the family.  After the family faces a series of summer misfortunes, the MacEntees’ grudges, tensions, and dysfunctions hit an all-time high.  As Deirdre prepares for her death, the colorful Irish family experiences a mugging, a scandalous public confession, a tragic car accident, and a long-time reconciliation.  MacMahon gracefully weaves the secrets, heartbreak, and grief of four generations and nine lives in this thoughtful and humorous saga.      

One Hot Summer by Carolina Garcia-Aguilera

Margarita Maria Santos Silva is at a cross roads – should she leave her job to care for her two-year old son or stick with her successful legal career?  Margarita’s family has always seemed to plan her life for her, and now her husband Ariel wants her to be a stay-at-home mom.  However, Luther Simmons, Margarita’s former law school boyfriend, re-enters Margarita’s life, providing her a safe outlet to explore her inner thoughts and feelings.  Now, Margarita has to make a lot of decisions in just one summer.  Set in Miami Beach, Florida, One Hot Summer uses humor to put the spotlight on sticky professional, familial, and cultural decisions that will lead one woman to find her true self.

Summerlong by Dean Bakopoulos

Imagine the world gone awry.  That’s what happens in Dean Bakopoulos’ novel Summerlong.  Claire Lowry goes for a midnight run and finds herself outside a convenience store bumming for cigarettes and beer.  Her husband Don goes for an evening stroll and wakes up buzzed next to a strange woman.  For some reason adults in this small Iowa community grow reckless while children become more and more confused.  With humor and honesty Bakopoulos explores marriage and maturity by examining the many ways we connect with one another and what binds us together in this summer-themed beach read.   

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