Listen Up: Short Stories on Audio

Posted Mar 10, 2014

If you dream of reading while you run, commute, cook, clean - or whatever else keeps you moving - you'll want to check out audiobooks. While full novels on audiobook can be daunting (especially for first-time listeners) short story collections make engaging audio companions. You can listen to a story at a time, without worrying about getting back into the novel next time you get in the car or go to the gym. Check out these three brand new audio releases of short story and essay collections. Bet you can't listen to just one!

One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories by B. J. Novak

Novak's newly released story collection is hot, hot, hot - get on the hold list soon if you want to listen to this one. It's popularity may be due to the fact that Novak is best-known for his Emmy Award-winning writing for the American TV series The Office. Novak's fictional stories are pitch perfect in humor, and he reads the book himself, so this is perfect for David Sedaris fans seeking something new.

Dance of the Reptiles: Selected Columns by Carl Hiaasen

Fans of Hiaasen's Florida-based mystery novels may know that before becoming a novelist Hiaasen wrote for the Miami Herald - which he has continued to do as a weekly columnist. In this third collection of his Herald columns, spanning 2001-2012, Hiaasen deals handily with all sorts of things he thinks are ruining Florida, from tourists to oil companies drilling in the Gulf. Political, satirical, and above all engagingly written in Hiaasen's signature style.

Trouble in Mind: The Collected Stories by Jeffery Deaver

Deaver's third collection of suspense stories brings together stories featuring his most-loved detectives - Lincoln Rhyme, Kathryn Dance and John Pellam - along with other stand-alone tales. Whether you're already a fan of Deaver's novels, or just starting to explore his work, this audiobook collection is the perfect way to add a little bite-sized mystery to your day.



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