Listen Up: What's Old is New Again

Posted Apr 14, 2014

This month we've gotten a few new releases that feature old(er) artists - Johnny Cash, Lucinda Williams, and Barry Manilow. What a great opportunity for new fans to find them, and for old fans to remember why they're great. 

Out Among the Stars - Johnny Cash

This recording pulls together previously unreleased tracks recorded in the early 80s, when Cash's star was fading so to speak. Recorded with producer Barry Schiller in Nashville in 1981 and 1984, the songs don't disappoint despite making up what could be called a "lost" album. Cash's signature style runs throughout the album, pleasing longtime fans and new ones alike.

Lucinda Williams - Lucinda Williams

This is a re-release of Williams' self-titled debut album, coinciding with its 25 year anniversary. A two-CD set,  you'll find remastered recordings of the original 12-song album, and a bonus disc featuring 20 songs performed live at a couple different shows. Williams' Americana country-rock style is singular, and comes across well on this album.

Night Songs - Barry Manilow

Manilow might be considered cheesy, but he's truly a legendary artist and composer. For this new album, Manilow has decided to strip the sound down to basics of voice, piano and bass. He croons lesser-known jazz standards, both his own and those written by others. 

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