Millennial Non-Fic Picks

Posted Dec 2, 2016

This week’s non-fic picks include new titles that may be of interest to Generation Y readers.  Take a look at what’s trending:

Celebrate Everything: Fun Ideas to Bring Your Parties to Life by Darcy Miller

Make your special occasion unforgettable with Darcy Miller’s new book, Celebrate Everything.  Miller, founding editor of Martha Stewart Weddings and party planner extraordinaire, shares creative and distinctive tricks and tips for generating your own memorable milestones.  Featuring baby showers and birthdays to seasonal and off-beat celebrations, Miller offers planning advice, recipes, music suggestions, and craft projects sure to make a welcome addition to any party.  For example, Miller suggests adding some simple spark to any event with confetti; she demonstrates how to incorporate children’s drawings and notes into commemorative keepsakes; and she offers inspiration to spark interaction with conservation starters.  The fun, vibrant colorful photographs are alone a reason to check this book out.    

Hair by Scott Lowe

We may not consciously think about it on a regular basis, but our hairstyles provide a statement to the world whether we intend to or not.  Long or short, natural or dyed, facial hair or lack thereof, hair, while personal in nature, can give those around us clues to social, economic, religious, political, and cultural standings.  Hair by Scott Lowe, a volume of the Bloomsbury Object Lessons Series, explores the historical, biological, and cultural frameworks behind a part of ourselves that we may often take for granted.  With attitude and a touch of flare, Hair puts the “extra” into “extraordinary,” making this common topic both accessible and entertaining.  So, what does your hair say about you?

Taylor Swift: This is Our Song by Tyler Conroy

Taylor Swift has taken the world by storm with her record-breaking and chart-topping blend of country and pop music.  And for more than a decade now, T. Swift continues to connect with fans of all ages.  Well, Taylor Swift: This is Our Song is the penultimate collection for all things related to the contemporary music superstar.  This volume, which consists solely on fan-generated content, is the fans’ homage to their role model.  Including core materials like interviews, album reviews, essays, and odes, Conroy’s ultimate fandom guide also includes unconventional supplemental materials like crossword puzzles, coloring pages, and quotations.  Full of colorful photographs and drawings, Taylor Swift: This is Our Song is an instant classic.

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