Monster Mash

Posted Oct 16, 2015

To get ready for our Monster Hunters event next week, we’ve pulled together some frightful fiction for this week’s #FridayReads.

Monster by Frank Peretti

Police officer Reed Shelton and his wife Rebecca (a.k.a. “Beck”) test their survival skills on a weekend hike in the Idaho wilderness.  But, the going gets really tough when someone… no, something starts to attack them.  On the run, the couple is chased and then separated as Reed watches Beck being carried off over the shoulder of a large creature.  Not sure what he saw or what believes, Reed describes a monster that resembles the legendary Bigfoot or possibly genetically modified chimpanzees.  Now he must turn to the residents of a small town to help him get his wife back.  Fast-paced a maybe a little violent at times, Frank Peretti’s Monster will take you on the hunt, a hunt in which humans are the prey.        

Monster, 1959 by David Maine

The 1950s is an era of great conflict, and to prepare for the worst, the United States is conducting radioactive materials tests on islands far off in the South Pacific.  Killer plants, mole people, and a forty-foot creature named “K” emerge.  “K” is not your normal, run-of-the-mill monster; he has fur, feathers, and butterfly wings!  And, unfortunately, all he knows is hunger.  The native inhabitants of the island pacify him by making a regular female human sacrifice, but when they decide to offer an American hunting guide’s wife, things turn ugly.  “K” is captured, taken back to the states, and put on display… until he escapes.  Like a horror film in print, Monster, 1959 is sure to entertain, humor, and even delight.    

And be sure to meet Tea next Tuesday!  Here’s a little about the book he’ll be discussing:

Monster Hunters: On the Trail with Ghost Hunters, Bigfooters, Ufologists, and Other Paranormal Investigators by Tea Krulos

Tag along with Tea Krulos as he explores haunted houses, creepy forests, and dark crevices of the universe for life beyond what we know.  Chalk full of interesting people, Monster Hunters provides an honest, impartial glimpse into the lives of ufologists, ghost hunters, and cryptozoologists alongside skeptics and non-believers.  Krulos not only interviews those that believe they can solve the larger mysteries of the universe by proving the unknown, he joins them on their quests.  Respectful yet engaging Monsters Hunters will take you on a paranormal adventure and back, leaving you better informed and knowledgeable to some of the world’s most spooky sub-cultures.

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