Mystery Mix-Up

Posted May 22, 2015

Whether you’re looking to solve a puzzle or just along for the thrill, mystery novels offer us the opportunity to escape the ordinary and use our imaginations.  Crime,  murder, missing persons, and police corruption, well., here are three new books from our mystery shelf worth taking a crack at:

Canary by Duane Swierczynski

Seventeen year old college freshman Sarie Holland found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time.  After giving her boyfriend a ride which turned into a drug trade gone wrong, Sarie is now a confidential informant for Officer Ben Wildey of the Philadelphia Police Department.  Understanding her situation and how the Philly drug trade works, Sarie is a quick learner and sets to take down drug czar Chuckie Morphine only to find that crooked cops are involved in the mix.  To make matters worse, Sarie recently lost her mother and the semester is drawing on a close.  Will CI #1373 get the payback she seeks?  With dark and gritty details and conventional mystery prose, Canary is an edgy read with a dry, original tone.

An Exaggerated Murder by Josh Cook

When a billionaire by the name of Mr. Joyce turns up missing, private investigator Trike Augustine is on the case simply for the handsome cash reward being offered.  In homage to Sherlock Holmes, Trike is deductive with a prickly attitude, but his assistants, Lola, an artist/data analyst expert, and Max, a former FBI agent, don’t quite meet Dr. Watson’s high standards.  For example, when a large pig turns up dead on Augustine’s floor, no one knows quite what to think, but just like all good mysteries, every piece of the puzzle has its place.  Follow obscure clues down to the depths of sewers or uncover clues of hidden office supplies in this humorous yet compelling compulsive ride.   

Soil by Jamie Kornegay

Environmental scientist and organic farmer Jay Mize is on the brink of losing it all when the Tokawah River washed away his soil-free farming operation.  Nearing bankruptcy and mental instability, the Mississippi Delta flood also forced his family- Jay’s wife Sandy and six-year old son Jacob- to flee.  All that is left behind is a human corpse.  In fear of being framed, Jay disposes of the body, but that doesn’t stop Deputy Sheriff Danny Shoals from sniffing around the premises or around Sandy looking to make his big break in more ways than one.  Spiraling downward with chaos and dark humor, Soil offers a Southern-styled mystery with a sense of place that could be a character of its own.

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