New Fiction Meet Glamour

Posted Oct 9, 2015

Glitter!  Glamour!  And gold!  Climb the social ladder with this week’s #FridayReads featuring the finer titles found on our new fiction shelves…

China Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan

Rachel Chu is about to marry Nicholas Young, Asia’s most eligible bachelor, but there’s something in the back of her mind that has been bothering her.  No, she’s not doubting the man she is marrying or the love she feels for Nicholas (and his money).  Rachel is thinking about her father, the man that should be walking her down the aisle, a man she never knew…  Until Rachel discovers her birth father.  Travel the through the splendor of Shanghai’s clubs, estates, and private jets with a cast of unforgettable characters including Carlton, the risk-taking bad boy; his girlfriend, Colette, who can’t shake the paparazzi; and Astrid Leong, who found that being married to billionaire isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be in this guilty pleasure.

Everybody Rise by Stephanie Clifford

Picture the upper echelons of Manhattan in 2006, before the recession and the economic downfall.  This is the world twenty-six year old Evelyn Beegan attempts to blaze her own trail.  After growing up in the Upper East Side and attending a prestigious prep school, Evelyn tries to distance herself from her social climbing mother, but finds herself back inside the world she tried to escape.  Taking a job for an elite social networking company, Evelyn, too, is intoxicated with the wealth, power, and prestige of those around her…  Until her big shot father is being charged with bribery.  Everybody Rise has it all- money, ambition, identity issues, family, and friendship- to tell a masterful tale.

Oh!  You Pretty Things by Shanna Mahin

Jess Dunne is living on the fringe of Santa Monica celebrity waiting for her big break.  Unfortunately, her mother is a failed actress making Jess third generation Hollywood at best.  Working as a barista and holding onto her mother’s dreams, Jess soon finds her opportunity to upgrade: she becomes a personal assistant for a film composer.  Shopping for luxury goods and cooking gourmet meals has its perks, and a rising actress takes such a liking to Jess’ food that she may have her next big break… Until an unexpected house guest arrives with a suitcase of secrets.  Sarcastic and fun, Mahin digs through the Hollywood glitz and glam to reveal deeper insights of human character. 

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