Non-Fic Picks: Olympic Reads

Posted Aug 5, 2016

Kick off the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio with some NEW Olympic Reads!

The Games: A Global History of the Olympics by David Goldblatt

For over 150 years now, athletes have competed for gold and glory at the Olympic Games while spectators across the globe have cheered on competitors representing their countries.  In his latest book, The Games, sportswriter David Goldblatt captures the triumphs and tragedies of the Olympic Games from a historical context.  For example, Goldblatt shares the anecdotes behind traditional icons the medals, the torch, and the eternal flame.  He also explores the events that make up the Games as well as the athletes who participate in them, touching on the importance of women athleticism, racial and ethnic conflicts, and the advent of the Paralympics.  With excitement, drama, and experience, The Games is a victorious read for those looking to bone up on their Olympic knowledge.                

Going for Wisconsin Gold: Stories of Our State Olympians by Jessie Garcia

Did you know that over 400 Olympic athletes were either born and raised in Wisconsin, or lived and trained for competition in the Dairy State?  Well, Shorewood’s own local author and sportscaster Jessie Garcia tells the stories of Wisconsin’s Olympians in her new book, Going for Wisconsin Gold.  With over 100 years of history, Garcia expounds on the personal stories of Olympic greats like gold medal speed skater, Dan Jansen, star baseball pitcher, Ben Sheets, and gymnastic great, Paul Hamm, complete with pictures from their private collections.  Garcia illustrates that to throughout the joy, heartbreak, sacrifice, and dedication, there’s also a bit a Wisconsin making their way throughout the Olympic events.

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