Non-Fiction Hodge Podge

Posted Oct 2, 2015

This week’s non-fic picks are an assortment of new titles we’ve recently added to our collection.  Check them out and more on our New Non-Fiction shelves right when you walk into the library.

The Art of the Con: The Most Notorious Fakes, Frauds, and Forgeries in the Art World by Anthony M. Amore

Art scams are so common today, but how come it’s only the brazen museum thefts that are publicized?  Well, Anthony M. Amore takes a deeper look into the world of white-collared crime including stolen art, shady dealers, forgeries and fakes, prototype theft, and online scams.  Through investigations and court room testimonies, Amore highlights how art is made and why it is so valuable in this thrilling true crime expose.   

Fat Girl Walking: Sex, Food, Love and Being Comfortable in Your Skin… Every Inch of It by Brittany Gibbons

Brittany Gibbons, a.k.a. Brittany Herself, is size 18 and proud of it.  As a blogger, she utilizes humor and laughter to start important conversations about womanhood and body image so others will love their bodies, too.  In her memoir, Fat Girl Walking, Gibbons uses personal stories as a woman, wife, mother, and daughter to emphasize important points while dismissing assumptions people make about overweight individuals.  Whatever shape or size, this book will help you find your own voice and use it.

Katrina: After the Flood by Gary Rivlin

Ten years after Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana, New Orleans is still in recovery.  With four out of every five houses flooded, and businesses as well as civic services shut down, the infrastructure and social fabric of the city was shattered.  Hurricane Katrina brought many of the United States’ issues to the forefront i.e. the disparity between rich and poor, the racial injustice, etc.  How will New Orleans heal?  How will our country cope?    

Word Nerd: Dispatches from the Games, Grammar, and Geek Underground by John D. Williams, Jr.

Former executive director of the National SCRABBLE Association, John D. Williams, Jr., takes both amateurs and experts on an amusing adventure into the faction of games, grammar, and geeks.  From tournaments to controversies, there’s high-scoring plays, vow less words, tips, and humor for those of us who just love words.  Insightful and funny, Word Nerd, is more than just an homage to SCRABBLE, it’s an anthropological memoir of words, language, and culture. 

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