Read with Your Ears, Summer Style

Posted Aug 21, 2014

As summer wraps up and the school year quickly approaches, you may not find time to be able to sit down and squeeze in those last minute summer reads.  So, why not read with your ears and try an audiobook!  Audiobooks help increase vocabulary, introduce new genres to explore, and add another dimension to the story.  Best of all, they leave your hands free to get things done.  Whether it’s driving to work, working in the garden, or completing a last-minute project, here are some summer-themed audiobooks to get you started…

Maine by J. Courtney Sullivan

Summer starts and three generations of women converge at the family’s summer cottage in Maine: Alice the matriarch; her middle-aged daughter, Kathleen; Maggie, Kathleen’s daughter; and Ann Marie, the impeccable daughter/sister-in-law.  In alternating chapters, each woman reveals bits and pieces of her life, the struggles she encounters, and the secrets she hopes to keep hidden.   In a character-driven plot, Sullivan reveals the intertwined complications of a dysfunctional household, but more importantly, highlights the love and common ground found between family members.  Maine is a bittersweet drama that will make you wish summer would last just a little bit longer.      

Summer House with Swimming Pool by Herman Koch

When well-renown theater actor Ralph Meier turns up dead, his doctor Marc Schlosser has some pretty damning questions to answer.  Told in first-person narrative, the story back tracks to the previous summer when the two families vacationed together on the Mediterranean.  Combine attractive spouses, teenage children, and the dark side of human nature- something is definitely bound to go wrong!  With sharp psychological insight, Marc reveals a violent incident that unleashed devastation on both families and closely examines the repercussions that follow.   Summer House with Swimming Pool is a sinister, yet humorous novel that will make you question humanity long after summer vacation is over.

The Arsonist by Sue Miller

Returning home after fifteen years in east Africa, Frankie Rowley is back in Pomeroy, New Hampshire.  And with her arrival come a slew of arsons.  As summer homes burn, neighbors begin to question one another, and contention grows as disputes between the locals and summer residents heat up.  Things heat up for Frankie as well when she finds herself enmeshed in a budding romance with the local newspaper editor.  And, on top of it, her parents’ health is failing.  Told through multiple perspectives, The Arsonist uncovers relationships and stories that explores the options of living a fulfilling life and what it means to have a sense of home.     

Save the Date by Mary Kay Andrews

Florist Cara Kryzik plays a large role in helping couples’ achieve their dream wedding by creating beautiful arrangements.  However, she does not believe in love, at least in regards to herself.  Teetering on the edge of financial collapse, Cara lands a contract that will not only get her out of debt, but will put her business back on the map.  Sounds simple enough, but along the way, Cara must surpass a jealous competitor; overcome the betrayal of her personal assistant; completely rid herself of her ex-husband; and determine where Jack Finnerty fits into her life.  Set in steamy Savannah, Georgia, this summer romance is perfect for wedding and beach-reading seasons alike; check it out today!

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