Warm Up with Some Cool Reads!

Posted Dec 19, 2014

Even though there’s not any snow yet, winter officially starts next week.  Why not warm up with book?  This week’s Friday Reads feature stories surrounding winter and snow including a heart-warming fairy tale, a spine-chilling mystery, a touching story of dogsled racing, and, of course, a winter romance.  Read your winter blues away with a good book!     

The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey

One evening, Alaskan homesteaders Jack and Mabel build a snow child, and the next morning she is gone.  Shortly thereafter a mysterious girl appears in the woods helping Jack procure food and giving Mabel faith.  Already struggling with their own personal concerns- Jack’s overwhelming work and Mabel’s loneliness- this childless couple fulfill their hopes and dreams with Faina, but, is she really who they think she is?  Combining elements of magical realism, fairy tales, and the harsh beauty of Alaskan winters, The Snow Child is more than what meets the eye- it’s a beautiful yet extreme book sure to warm your heart.

The Snowman by Jo Nesbo

During Oslo’s first snow, a woman vanishes, a snowman is left in her place, and a pattern emerges.  After multiple disappearances over eleven years and a suspicious letter, Detective Harry Hole begins to believe that there’s a murderer on the loose.  Detective Hole begins his digging and dredges up old case files that begin to make sense; encounters disingenuous characters that may know more than they lead on to; and has his own demons to battle from alcoholism to relationship issues.  So warm up with a serial killer and a harden detective if you dare, and become hypnotized by this clever, dark, Norwegian thriller. 

An Echo Through the Snow by Andrea Thalasinos

After rescuing Smokey, a Siberian husky, Rosalie Mackenzie finds herself on the dogsled racing circuit.  After rigorous training in the heart of Wisconsin, Smokey and Rosalie develop a bond of friendship and love that leads Rosalie to delve deeper into the history of the race.  Told from alternating points of view, An Echo Through the Snow relates Jeaantaa’s story as well.  Jeaantaa was a member of the Chukchi people of Siberia who also had interwoven relationships with their dogs. Sadly the Chukchi were displaced by Stalin’s regime losing either their homes or their lives.  Will Rosalie’s revelations help heal both the past and present?          

The Remedy for Love by Bill Roorbach

When the winter “storm of the century” hits western Maine, Eric bumps into Danielle, a disheveled woman at the grocery store.  After lending her money for groceries, he offers her a lift only to find that Danielle is squatting in a cabin with no water, electricity, or heat.  Helping her out as much as he can, Eric heads back to his car only to find that it is missing, with his cell phone inside.  Eric and Danielle must stick out the storm in the close confines of the claustrophobic cabin.  Trapped behind the piling snow drifts, secrets begin to spill, and a vivid love story unfolds.        


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