Listen Up!

Posted Nov 6, 2014

     We have some “ear –resistible” music and books. Our extensive collection of children’s music cds has something for every musical interest. Whether you are looking for traditional nursery songs, lullabies, Raffi, Kidz Bop, Wiggles, Disney soundtracks, or ethnic folk music, you’ll find it here. We even have classical and opera music for little ears.

    For more listening pleasure, the library offers a wide selection of audio books in a variety of formats. Our “kits” are made up of popular picture books with read along cds. We also have audio editions of classic and popular picture books. Titles ranging from The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe,  to Diary of a Wimpy Kid and the Dork Diaries are available on cd, playaway, or as downloads through the Wisconsin Digital Library.

  Listening to music and books is not only entertaining. Research has shown it has many educational benefits.  Music helps young children learn the sounds and rhythm of language and the meaning of words. It improves listening skills, helps regulate moods, and provides a way to express feelings. It also helps develop the same brain pathways used while engaging in math activities.

  Listening to stories is also a brain builder. It allows children to experience stories that are above their reading level and can motivate struggling readers. It introduces new vocabulary and provides a model for expressive and fluent reading. Research has also proven that listening to audiobooks improves listening and comprehension skills. Listening as a family can be a discussion starter on related topics. That’s right – adults will also enjoy our collection. After all, we are never too old to be read to.

  Check out our current display of audio picks and then browse the shelves for more “ear-resistible” treasures. Happy Listening!

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