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Shorewood Architecture Reflects Village History: The Building of Shorewood

Tuesday, April 27

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Location: Virtual via Zoom

Shorewood Architecture Reflects Village History: How Can We Leverage Our Historic Resources to Benefit the Whole Community? is a three-part series that  will cover the Village of Shorewood's history, architecture, and tools for conservation. Participants will be encouraged to share opinions and ideas on steps the Village could take to conserve the unique historic character of places and neighborhoods that bear witness to the community’s history.

Session One: The Building of Shorewood

Karen de Hartog of the Shorewood Historical Society will share an overview of the history of Shorewood. She will discuss the history and development of the Village from the time it was settled by farmers to its present day density. Jason Tish of the Wisconsin State Historic Preservation Office and Village Manager Rebecca Ewald will join in discussion focusing on Shorewood architecture. Attendees will be invited to comment and ask questions following the presentation.

At the end of the three sessions, attendee opinions on historic preservation in Shorewood, the usefulness of particular preservation tools and next steps for our Village will be solicited in a questionnaire.

This program was held virtually via Zoom. Watch the recording HERE.

To register for Session Two: Shorewood Architecture and the Review of 2011 Historic Survey, click HERE.

To register for Session Three: Options for Preservation, click HERE.

The series is co-sponsored by the Shorewood Historical Society, the Shorewood Public Library, the Village of Shorewood, and the Wisconsin Historical Society.

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