Pick-up Lockers


Pick up library materials 24/7.

How it works

When placing a hold, select Shorewood Locker as your pick-up location. Items from any Milwaukee County Federated Library System library can be put on hold for pick up at our lockers.

When your items are ready for pick-up, you'll get notified the same way you do when your regular library holds are available - by email or text. Use the one-time unique QR code or five-digit numeric code to open up your locker. Only you can open the locker, so your items are secure.

You have 72 hours to pick up. You can come anytime during that window to retrieve your stuff and get reading, watching or listening!

Watch the video tutorial below:



If you prefer to use an app to assist you in retrieving your materials, download the Smiota app from your device's app store. You'll be asked to give your phone number or email address so it can associate you as a library patron at Shorewood Library*. When you have materials ready for pick up, you'll get an alert via the app. If you enable location services, you can pop open your locker via the app when you are within range of the locker.

*Note: If you use the same phone number and/or email address for multiple library accounts, i.e. for family members, the app will not work well for you as it can only associate you with one account. Instead, use the emailed notifications to allow you to retrieve material.

Contact us with any questions! Call the library at 414-847-2670 or email shorewood@mcfls.org

This project was funded in large part by an American Rescue Plan Act grant allocated by Wisconsin's Department of Public Instruction.