Behavior Expectations


To make sure the library is a safe and enjoyable place for everyone, we ask that you follow some rules.

Be Responsible:

For your property: Unattended items may be taken to lost & found.

For your mess: Please clean up any games, books, empty containers, wrappers, etc. when you are done with them. Help keep the space clean and comfortable for the next time you come in!

Keep clear paths: Others need to access library materials and spaces, so please do not block aisles, staircases or entrances.

Move carefully: Walk in the library, be aware of your surroundings and refrain from throwing items.

Bring headphones/earbuds for your media needs: Use earbuds/headphones when watching or listening to media on our computers or your personal devices, as well as, when using FaceTime, Skype, etc.

Be Respectful of:

Each other/others: Use library appropriate language and volume. Do not touch other people or their property without permission. Keep in mind that some people use the library for quiet activities and the library is a small space, so act accordingly.

Privacy: Do not take photos or videos of anyone without their permission.

The space: Be good to library materials and property, so they last longer and others may also enjoy them! Be sure to enjoy your snacks in the lobby!

The staff: We’re here to help you and make sure that everyone is able to enjoy the library! If you have questions or concerns about the library, email a reference librarian at

If you break a rule, a librarian will remind you. If you continue to break library rules, we may ask you for your parent’s name and phone number in order to contact them. You may also have to leave the library for the day.