Sustainability Efforts at Shorewood Library

Being environmentally conscious is important to us.

Water Bottle Filler

In 2021, we added a water bottle filler to the library to encourage - and reward! - use of a reusable bottle. Staff and patrons now have access to cold, filtered water, despite other regular water fountains (or bubblers, depending on how Wisconsin you are) being unavailable due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

"Sustainable Shelves" Program Participation

In 2020, Shorewood Public Library became one of the first public libraries in the country to partner with our book supplier, Baker & Taylor, in their newly-launched Sustainable Shelves program. This program helps us manage books removed from the collection through weeding or discarding of damaged material.

All items are packed and shipped reusing the same boxes that our new materials arrive in. The library is credited for the material shipped and we are able to replenish the collection with new materials. Materials not purchased for resale are sent to a paper-pulper facility where new paper is created, benefitting our delicate environment.  

Phenol-Free Receipt Paper

In 2019, Milwaukee County's public libraries committed to using phenol-free thermal receipt paper thanks to the efforts of the Village of Shorewood Conservation Committee and Shorewood Public Library.

Public libraries use thermal receipt paper for due date receipts, fine statements, hold shelf slips, and more. Thermal receipt paper is one of the primary uses of Bisphenol-S (BPS), a known hormone disruptor with negative consequences for the endocrine and reproductive systems. BPS is transferred to skin through touching this paper, and is absorbed into the bloodstream.

Shorewood Public Library is proud to have been part of this county-wide effort at making our libraries safer for patrons, staff and the environment.

Bring Your Bag Shorewood Partnership

In 2018, Shorewood Public Library became a host location for a rack of reusable bags made by the Bring Your Bag volunteers. Shorewood's Bring Your Bag group is committed to reducing the use of plastic bags in our community. The bag rack was specially built for the library by the Milwaukee Craft Guild, a group of local craftspeople.