Streaming digital content at your fingertips!

Hoopla is a streaming digital resource provider, comparable to Netflix or Hulu except instead of paying a monthly cost it's free and you check out only what you want. 

Hoopla offers over 500,000 items including TV shows and movies, ebooks, comic books, and audiobooks, and music. Libraries don't purchase individual copies of each movie or book, instead Hoopla provides them on an unlimited basis so that multiple people may watch, listen or read at once. That means you never have to wait!

The library pays for use each time someone downloads or streams an item, instead of buying items up front.

How does it work?

Use your web browser to navigate to, or get the Hoopla app on an Apple or Android device.

Sign in with your Milwaukee County Federated Library System library card and check out up to four (4) items per month.

hen you register, be sure to choose the city in which you live, not the city your library card is from (i.e. You may have gotten your library card here at Shorewood Public Library, but live in Milwaukee).

  • Borrowed content is available for immediate streaming on a computer or mobile device
  • Books, audiobooks and comics are checked out for 21 days, music for 7 days, and videos for 3 days.
  • On the Hoopla app, borrowed content can be temporarily downloaded for offline use (Yes, you can watch movies and listen to movies and audiobooks while you are traveling!)
  • Music albums can be listened in their entirety or shuffled between other checked out albums
  • Hoopla offers a Kid’s Mode setting, allowing young people access only to content geared towards ages 12 and under

Register for Hoopla:

Use Hoopla in your web browser:

Use Hoopla on your phone/device:

Access to hoopla is funded in part by the Friends of Shorewood Public Library