Get access to digital newspapers and magazines on PressReader.  

Choose publications across 25 categories like business, science, design, and more.  Translate articles in up to 18 languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Russian, and Spanish.  Enjoy unlimited downloads of your favorite articles and publications.


Available to anyone from inside the library HERE.

Use one of the public computers at the library, or connect to the library's Wi-Fi network and access PressReader from your own device.  No library card needed.

Available to Shorewood residents from home HERE.

Login to PressReader from your own computer, tablet, or smartphone from home or at the library using your library card credentials.


Install and Set Up the App:

  1. Download the PressReader app on your smartphone or tablet, available for free in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.  You can use the app inside the library while connected to the library's Wi-Fi network without logging in.  If you are a Shorewood resident who would like to use the app from home, continue with steps 2-4.
  2. Click "Sign In," and select the "Libraries & Groups" option.
  3. Search for and select Shorewood Public Library, then click "sign in."
  4. Sign in with your library card number and PIN.

This resource is generously funded by the Lange Bequest.