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PM Book Club

Wednesday, June 1

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Location: Shorewood Public Library Program Room

The PM Book Club is a great opportunity to talk about what you’ve read, learn something new, discover new books, and meet new friends.  Join us this month as we discuss Beautiful Country: A Memoir by Qian Julie Wang.

In Chinese the word for the United States, Mei Guo, translates directly to "beautiful country." When seven-year-old Qian is plucked from her warm and happy childhood surrounded by extended family in China, she finds a world of crushing fear and poverty instead. For five years she lived undocumented after immigrating with her parents to New York City. Shocked at where her family fits in comparison to their status as educated elites in China, she works shifts alongside her mother in Chinatown sweatshops. Unable to speak English, isolated and disregarded, Qian put into special education classes and humiliated by teachers and classmates when she struggles to pay attention because of hunger or exhaustion. Her memoir illuminates the cruelty and indignity of America's immigration system, and the cost of making a home in a hostile land.

Pick up a copy at the customer service desk or give us a call  at 414 847-2670, and we would be happy to put one on hold for you!

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