Curbside Pickup of Library Materials

How it works

You can pick up items that you requested via CountyCat online or app, or asked us to help you request, and that you have been notified are on the holdshelf for you.

You can also pick up:

Take-home program kits for all ages, Lucky Day books not previously requested, and Mobile print jobs.

Pickup Instructions

Once you are notified your items are ready: walk, drive or bike up to the library lobby doors closest to the parking lot during our open hours.

No appointment necessary!

Call the pickup line (414-847-2673) when you arrive to the library lobby doors by our parking lot off Frederick Avenue. 

A staff member will check out your material to you, and place it on the cart inside our lobby for you to retrieve. For contactless service, we can bring your material to your vehicle and place in your trunk, backseat, or hand to a masked driver.

The pickup number is also posted on the door and window.

No phone? Just knock on the window when you arrive!

All library materials on our shelves have been quarantined for at least 24 hours prior to being checked in, to ensure that there are no contagions on them. Staff are using precautions when handling materials.