Code of Conduct

It is the policy of the Shorewood Public Library that patrons may use the library without being unduly disturbed or impeded by other library users. All patrons and staff have the right to a safe and congenial environment.

Members of the public are to conduct themselves in a manner that does not interfere with others and that is in keeping with the library’s purpose. The library provides space to read, study, think, connect, collaborate, play, use the library’s physical and digital content and participate in programs.

To facilitate use by all types of people, the library designates zones for silent activities and zones which allow for conversation and collaboration both in person and via phones or computers. For young people, the library also designates zones where quiet play is encouraged, and those where play is discouraged so as to minimize disruption. Individuals shall abide by these designations, and will be informed of them as thoroughly as possible by staff.

To ensure unimpeded access for all individuals, the Shorewood Public Library Board of Trustees are guided by three purposes: protect library property, ensure a safe and secure environment and provide a comfortable, clean and welcoming space.

Protect Library Property

The Shorewood Public Library is responsible for protecting library collections, equipment and property for all users.

Prohibited activity includes:

  • Damaging, defacing or destroying library property
  • Theft of library property

Ensure a Safe and Secure Environment

The Shorewood Public Library ensures a safe and secure environment for all users and staff.

Behaviors that are not conducive to safety are prohibited. These include:

  • Behaving in a disorderly, boisterous or loud manner
  • Consuming and/or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Possessing a gun, knife or other weapon
  • Harassing or threatening another person verbally, sexually, or physically
  • Using abusive or profane language
  • Taking / stealing personal property
  • Running or throwing objects
  • Loitering or impeding passage inside or outside the library building
  • Violating computer use policies
  • Taking photos or video without the subject’s consent
  • Breaking the law

Provide a Comfortable, Clean and Welcoming Space

The Shorewood Public Library ensures a comfortable, clean and welcoming space for all users and staff. Persons using the library shall wear appropriate garments including a shirt or other covering of their upper bodies, and shoes or other footwear. Headphones must be worn to listen to music, watch videos or converse via phone, tablet or computer. Users may consume beverages with lids anywhere in the library.

Behaviors that are not conducive to maintenance of a comfortable, clean and welcoming space are prohibited. These include:

  • Panhandling or soliciting inside the library building
  • Using skateboards, rollerblades, scooters, or bikes in the library building 
  • Smoking or use of electronic smoking devices in any area of the library building
  • Eating in the library, except at authorized functions
  • Sleeping in the library
  • Offending patrons due to poor bodily hygiene.
  • Using any item that produces audible noise (music, videos, etc.) such as radios, cell phones, tablets, computers or other electronics in ways that disturb library patrons.

Minors in the Library

Parents, caregivers or other legal guardians are responsible for the behavior of their minor children in the library and children six years of age or younger shall be in sight of and supervised by an adult.

A minor who has caused repeated disruption in the library will be warned that library privileges may be restricted if such behavior continues. A letter will be sent by the Director of Library Services to the individual’s parents or guardians describing the problem and warning of the consequences. A minor who continues a pattern of disturbances in the library will not be permitted to use the library unless the parent or guardian accompanies and supervises the minor while he or she is in the library.

Consequences of Policy Violation

Any person who violates library rules and regulations may be asked by a staff member to conform to these rules. If such a change is not evident, that individual may be asked to leave the library property and/or to present a library card or identification.

Failure to leave may result in police being called.

If an individual’s behavior is extremely disruptive, dangerous or illegal, the Shorewood Police may be contacted immediately.

Violations of this policy may result in suspension or revocation of library privileges.  

Effective Date: 6/2/2003

Revision Date:  4/14/2008

Revision Date: 6/8/2016

Revision Date: 4/10/2019

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