Posting and Distribution of Non-Library Materials

The Library provides space on its public bulletin board for announcements and notices of local community events, and in its literature display racks for distribution of free materials which may be of interest to residents.  Both of these services are in keeping with the Library’s overall philosophy of providing access to a wide range of information sources.  These materials may include brochures, pamphlets, flyers, posters, college catalogs, newsletters, and newspapers.

 Guidelines for acceptance of materials:

  1. Materials are limited to those of a civic, cultural, educational, and/or recreational nature.
  2. Due to space limitations, preference is given to events and organizations related to Shorewood and Milwaukee.
  3. Resident demand for information exists and there is demonstrated use of the materials.
  4. Due to space limitations, the number of items posted or displayed may be limited

Posting of a notice or placement of materials in a display rack does not imply endorsement by Library Staff or the Library Board of Trustees.

The Library manages two areas for posting/distribution of non-library materials:

  1. Bulletin board located in upstairs lobby on east wall
  2. Pamphlet racks located inside library across from the Check Out Desk

All items for posting/distribution must be approved and placed on the board or rack by Library Staff. The approval process and placing of items is subject to staff availability.          Staff may discard items not approved for placement and any excess copies of items received.  Items must be of reasonable size in relation to the space available and will not be accepted if they detract from the effective use of space. Generally, items will be removed after the event or after two weeks of display. Items submitted to the Library will not be returned after display. Notices, posters and other materials are not allowed to be posted on the walls, doors, or windows of the building premises, nor left on any surface for distribution.  Items posted in such a manner will be removed and discarded.

The following types of notices will not be posted / distributed:

  1. Items produced strictly for the purpose of selling merchandise or advertising for- profit services
  2. Items promoting political parties or candidates or those advocating the election of any candidate or a stand on any issues on the election ballot (the Library is located in a building which is a polling place)
  3. Notices of merchandise or services for sale.
  4. Generally, items from for-profit groups, companies, or organizations or from a single individual will not be accepted. Possible exceptions might include newspapers produced by for-profit organizations but distributed free of charge.

The Library may distribute or post items produced by the Village of Shorewood and its Boards or Commissions elsewhere in the library.

Persons whose materials are rejected for posting or who are otherwise aggrieved by determinations made under this policy may appeal the decision in writing to the Library Director.

Adopted by the Library Board of Trustees September 13, 2017.

Download the Posting and Distribution of Non-Library Materials Policy