Revocation of Library Privileges

The Shorewood Public Library Board of Trustees are committed to providing a safe, secure environment that is comfortable, clean and welcoming for both patrons and staff.  The Library Code of Conduct outlines expected behavior for members of the public and staff.  This policy is posted at the entrance to the library, on our web site and available in a brochure format at any library service point.

The Shorewood Public Library Board of Trustees authorizes the Library Director and staff to enforce the Code of Conduct in the Library.  If an individual violates any of the rules and expectations in the Code of Conduct, the following steps will be taken.

  1. A patron that violates the Code of Conduct will receive up to two verbal warnings per day and a printed copy of the Code of Conduct. 

  2. If a third violation takes place on the same day, the patron will be asked to leave the library property for the remainder of the day.  Refusing to leave the property is considered trespassing and the police may be called.

  3. If a patron has repeated and documented violations, he or she will be banned from library property for a period of time.  The length of the ban will be determined by the Library Director and may vary from one week to six months, depending on the severity and duration of the violations.  The patron or parent/guardian of a minor will be informed in writing of the Library Director’s decision.

  4. If a behavior endangers the patron, other patrons or library staff, or the violation is criminal in nature, the police will be called immediately, and the Library Director reserves the right to bypass the above outlined procedure and ban the patron for a determined period of time.

  5. If a patron or parent/guardian of a minor would like to appeal a ban, he or she may do so in writing to: President, Library Board of Trustees c/o Shorewood Public Library, 3920 N Murray Ave. Shorewood, WI 53211 or email to

Effective Date: 06/02/2003

Revision Date: 07/13/2016

Download the Revocation of Privileges Policy