Library Statistics

Your library, by the numbers.

Each year, Shorewood Library tallies the numbers behind our services, programs and impact in the community. We count things like number of computer sessions, total checkouts, etc.

We submit this data via an annual report to the state of Wisconsin, which is used to inform the state of public library activity, and as part of a national compilation of public library statistics. This information is also shared with the Village of Shorewood.  

Numbers do not tell the whole story, but they are important. They help us make decisions, inform our budget, and shape our future.


This information is derived from the data compiled by the state, who make the data accessible so we may compare and contrast our statistics with other municipalities in and outside of Milwaukee County Federated Library System. Data shown is the most recent available. You can access Shorewood Library's statistical overview for 2016 here: Flyer displaying the Shorewood Public Library 2016 Statistics. Ranked #1 in Milwaukee Federated Library System for



State Annual Report Data for Shorewood Public Library