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    9:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday
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  • Wednesday
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These instructions are for using Adobe Digital Editions with your computer and e-reader to download library e-books and e-audiobooks.

Devices that can be used with Adobe Digital Editions:

Don’t see your device listed? Look at the OverDrive Help Device Resource Center to learn how you can use library e-books with your device.

Formats supported:

Install Adobe Digital Editions:

  1. Start at the Software Download page within the Wisconsin Digital Library. (If that link does not work, you can also get there by pointing your browser to the URL, clicking on Help, and then choosing Software from the Help menu.)
  2. Click on Adobe Digital Editions to be taken to the Adobe page where you will begin your software download.
  3. On the Adobe Digital Editions Home page of the Adobe site, click Download now which can be found on the right hand side of the page.
  4. Choose the Adobe Digital Editions version that is correct for the type of computer you are using (Windows or Macintosh).
  5. Proceed as you would with any other file download by following the instructions to install on your computer. For help with this please contact the library or seek help from the Adobe Digital Editions site.
  6. Adobe Digital Editions should open automatically once it is installed.
  7. The first time you install Adobe Digital Editions, you will be prompted to authorize it with an Adobe ID. If you are not prompted, go to Help > Authorize Computer to start the process manually.
  8. If you have an Adobe ID, sign in with it now. If you do not, choose Create an Adobe ID to create one on Adobe’s website. Once you're done, return to the Computer Authorization dialog box within Adobe Digital Editions and enter your Adobe ID and password.
  9. Click Authorize. You can now use Adobe Digital Editions.

Use E-Books from the Digital Library:

  1. In your Internet browser, navigate to the Wisconsin Digital Library (
  2. Log in to your library account by selecting Sign In in the upper right hand corner and entering your library card affiliation (Milwaukee County Federated Library System or Shorewood Public Library – both options will work) and library card number and PIN.
  3. Search for e-books by selecting the menu icon (looks like three orange bars stacked horizontally), and choosing which e-book genre or type you want to look at.
  4. Select a title you’d like to borrow by clicking on the cover.
  5. Look at the Available Formats list for the item. You can only use EPUB e-book or PDF e-books with Adobe Digital Editions. .
  6. If there is a copy available, the large orange button will say Borrow. If there are no copies available, the button will say Request. Choose either option to complete your transaction.
  7. Once you choose Borrow, you will be taken to your Bookshelf. Choose Download and select the format you wish to download (must be EPUB or PDF). The book should prompt your computer to open it in Adobe Digital Editions. Depending on the browser you use, you may get a dialog box asking you what to do with the file. Choose to open it in Adobe Digital Editions.
  8. Connect your e-reader to your computer with the USB cord that it came with. It should automatically come up under the Devices heading on the left hand side in Adobe Digital Editions.
  9. Click on an e-book and drag it to your device icon. You can then disconnect your device and begin reading.

Print these instructions: Adobe Digital Editions