RBdigital Magazines

Logo for RB Digital. It is a red "r" and a "b" looped.Zinio for Libraries is now RBdigital Magazines!

An online service and easy to use app that allows you to download digital copies of popular magazines to your computer, tablet, or mobile device.


RBdigital Features

  • One account: create and use one account to access and download the library's digital magazine collection. If you have any issues accessing RBdigital Magazines with your existing Zinio account, please contact us via email at shorewood@mcfls.org or phone at 847-2670.

  • Read immediately: you can read the magazines you check out immediately using your Internet browser.

  • Easy to use app: download RBdigital app, log in, and seamlessly sync all your library magazines.

Click here to access the RBdigital Magazines collection and get started


How Does RB Digital Work?

  1. Visit the Milwaukee County Library System RBdigital Magazine collection to create an account (see image).A screenshot of the UI for logging into RB Digital
  2. Browse and check out digital magazines - as many as you want, and you keep them for as long as you want.
  3. Start reading immediately in your Internet browser or the RB Digital App. Instructions below:


we're here to help!

  • Visit us in person, with or without your device, call us at 847-2670, or email us at shorewood@mcfls.org.
  • Check out Digital Downloads 101, our monthly drop-in session which helps you access all the library's digital resources!