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Shotgun Lovesongs book cover.

Shotgun Lovesongs is Wisconsin author Nickolas Butler's first novel. Visit Butler's website to learn more about him, and read a summary of Shotgun Lovesongs

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More on Shotgun Lovesongs:

  • The New York Times Sunday Book Review article (April 3, 2014): "Like all good ensembles, Butler’s cast brings together a dynamic array of characters, all of them moving in divergent directions — though yearning for roughly the same moral center — as they rewrite their adult narratives amid emotional, financial and historical turbulence."
  • The New York Times book review  (March 10, 2014): "The most lyrical parts of this big-hearted book are about how all the characters, including the star, are almost physically drawn to the town and one another."
  • Star Tribune review (March 8, 2014): "In the background — like the steady beat of a kick drum — the town of Little Wing and the farmland that surrounds it come to scintillating life. It’s a place that drove these people apart, and brought them back together."
  • Wisconsin Humanities Council interview with Butler as part of The Working Lives Project (January 2015): "I want to explore certain themes: kindness, friendship, love, nature, decency. I see future projects being rooted here, in Wisconsin, or certainly the Midwest."

Displays a quote of Shotgun Lovesongs by Nikolas Butler. "He wrote songs about our place on earth; the everywhere fields of corn, the third-growth forests, the humpbacked hills and grooved-out draws. The knife-sharp cold, the too-short days, the snow, the snow, the snow. His songs were our anthems - they were our bullhorns and microphones and jukebox poems. We adored him; our wives adored him. We knew all the words to the songs and sometimes we were in the songs."