Summer Reading Challenge 2015


Do you live in Milwaukee County and are you entering grade 7-12 in the fall? Congrats! You're eligible to participate.

  1. Sign up for the Summer Reading Challenge at the library.
  2. You'll get a READING/CHALLENGE log. Keep this somewhere safe. This is your record of participation. Your score card. Your pass key. Your everything.
  3. Read 5 books or 800 pages to receive your coupon pack and your 1st raffle entry to win great prizes.
  4. Read over the CHALLENGES log to see what kinds of awesome things you can do to get extra raffle entries. Cook a meal, run/walk/bike a mile, get to know the library, and more. Some challenges are on the honor system (we trust you!), while some involve you visiting the library or sending us photos.
  5. Each completed CHALLENGE gets you 1 additional entry into the raffle at the end of the summer. Complete all challenges for 11 additional raffle entries!
  6. No matter how many CHALLENGES you complete, your completed READING LOG earns you a pack of coupons for free stuff all over the place. 

Use these to complete challenges

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